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Stand Up Tea Bag Save conditions to set
- Feb 05, 2018 -

In the choice of tea bag custom materials, the need to be based on the preservation of tea conditions to order, the general selection of high barrier, Stand Up Tea Bag light-plated aluminum vacuum packaging bags. Concrete material for pet/vmpet/pe, three layers of plastic film composite, also known as aluminum-plated packaging bags, this packaging is through gravure printing, dry-type composite processing mode, can be vacuum.

Tea bags can also choose the pa/pe material of the vacuum bag, this kind of bag is also a good high barrier packaging bag, we can through the full version of the printing to achieve the role of light, or can be loaded into the vacuum packaging bag vacuum and then into the carton, iron box, Stand Up Tea Bag such as packaging, so as to achieve a good saving effect.

Tea packaging bags made of the choice of materials, we need to understand the preservation of tea leaves must be kept away from the light, Stand Up Tea Bag to avoid contact with the air and qualitative change. Tea is a dry product, very easy moisture absorption and damp and produce qualitative change, it on water, odor adsorption is very strong, and aroma is very volatile. When the tea storage is not at that time, in the water temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, will cause adverse biochemical reaction and microbial activity, which leads to changes in tea quality, so storage, with what method, what packaging, Stand Up Tea Bag have certain requirements.

PE plastic bag, PVC plastic bag, OPP plastic bag with its cheap, convenient property quickly flooded the food packaging market, has become a human can not abandon the necessities of life. But the quality of the packaging bag, Stand Up Tea Bag difficult to degrade, the harm is big. Stand Up Tea Bag In order to prevent the white storm continue to pollute the Earth, Shenzhen many industry benchmarking enterprises, set an example to strictly grasp product quality, pay attention to environmental security, to ensure that food bags, PE plastic bags, PVC plastic bags and OPP plastic bags, such as the use of safety.

Once a "bright sword" anti-japanese drama Fire through half the sky, the spirit of the bright sword is often taken to be analyzed. Enterprises need "Liang Jian" spirit, Stand Up Tea Bag in the face of market pressure, industry competition and interest stimulation, enterprises must have a strong sense of social responsibility, the industry mission, to consumer rights and interests as the center to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

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