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Stand Up Tea Bag The Possibility
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Grading of black tea: Hierarchical naming is an international language for both buyers and sellers to facilitate international trade. 1982 TC34/SC8 made this black tea-the appendix of the terminology, recommended red break grade standard, listed black tea middle, broken, slice, end tea 38 kinds of color name. Stand Up Tea Bag At the same time, it was decided that the UK would undertake research on the possibility of graded naming and then explore a method of tea grading that could be used in trade.

Paper Bag Packaging standards: modern packaging and transport development quickly, coupled with the timber raw material tension, tea packaging on the agenda. Stand Up Tea Bag In the early 80, the United Kingdom conducted a large number of studies, at the 11th meeting, recommended the use of multi-layer paper bags to replace wooden boxes and carton packaging, and proposed for the container and pallet transport paper bag specifications, attracted the attention of all countries. The United States, Stand Up Tea Bag the Netherlands and other Western European countries have actively carried out this research. But because of the paper bag raw materials to import and other reasons, the producers of some difficult to accept, especially for aluminum foil quality specifications are controversial. It was not until the 14th meeting in 1989 that, after a lengthy discussion, Stand Up Tea Bag the agreement was made to register the proposed draft paper bag standard Working draft of the United Kingdom. At present, the red-broken tea in international trade, countries have different degrees of use paper bag packaging, although the paper bag specifications, Stand Up Tea Bag quality is inconsistent, but basically meet the standard bag design specifications.

Aluminum foil laminated bag beautiful and generous, aluminum foil laminated tea bags can be vacuum or nitrogen-filled or deoxidation agent treatment, Stand Up Tea Bag with the packaging carton or synthetic paper cans, the tea storage moisture, gas, light, no oxygen can be perfect solution, and then Low-temperature storage is the most perfect preservation method of tea.

Vacuum packaging because the bag will shrink, for the sake of no longer crush collision and aesthetic, it is advisable to add outside packaging protection. Stand Up Tea Bag Nitrogen-filled packaging will be expanded bag, and can not be squeezed to avoid bursting the bag. Both need to be added outside the packaging, preservation also has a good effect, but the investment is more expensive.

Polyethylene bag that is, PE bag for the current use of quite a wide range of packaging materials, generally have low-density PE bag and high-density PE bag two kinds, Stand Up Tea Bag low-density PE bag breathable, large permeability, high-density PE bag is smaller. PE tea bags of the advantages of the economy, cheap, humidity is also good, its shortcomings are light transmittance, gas-poor, Stand Up Tea Bag can not be used to separate tea packaging. The use of polyethylene bag packaging is best to add a layer of resistance to light and low permeability of the packaging, such as synthetic paper cans, cans, etc.: PE bag air permeability is larger, Stand Up Tea Bag also difficult to solve the problem of oxygen in the bag, is not the ideal packaging material.

Synthetic paper bags for the current use of the most extensive packaging materials, Stand Up Tea Bag its advantages for the economy, light, beautiful, only breathable, moisture permeability is still high, it is not appropriate to use alone, preferably with PE bags or aluminum foil bags to do the packaging.

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